Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I have an existing PayPal Auto Renewing subscription and would like to cancel it in favor of your new payment processor, how do I do that?
   First you should cancel your existing PayPal Auto Renewing subscription at PayPal, see the Q/A section directly below this Q/A for how to do that.  Once your existing subscription actually expires, you can then re-subscribe with our new payment processor without losing any of your pre-paid subscription time.

Q:  How do I cancel my PayPal Auto Renewing subscription?
A:   You can cancel your PayPal Auto Renewing subscription via the Membership Cancel page, however occasionally that method will erroneously cancel your active WarRoom subscription immediately even if additional pre-paid subscription time still exists.  To ensure that does not happen, please log into your PayPal account and cancel the Warroom Media Inc “Preapproved Payment” instead, refer to these PayPal instructions for how to do so.

Q:   I can’t log in?
A:   Make sure you are logging into the WarRoom Members website, and not the public WarRoom website.  Make sure you enter the username you chose when you registered or your email address associated with your WarRoom account in the username field .  If you continue to have trouble, click on the lost your password link on the log in page to have an email with password reset instruction sent to you.

Q:  The members site is complaining that my specified account name or email address already exists when I try to register/create a new account?
Member accounts are required to have unique account names and email addresses, and do not become deleted when your subscription is canceled or expired.  If your subscription has expired or you previously canceled it, simply log in to your existing members account and select a new subscription level then complete the payment process to reactivate a new subscription.

Q:   What is playing on the Live Stream page outside Quinn’s Monday through Friday 6am to 9am live show hours?
A:   The most recent show archive plays in a continuous loop during those times.

Q:   Do you have a number to call in Membership subscriptions over the phone?
A:   No, sorry… all subscriptions are made through this website and paid for with a credit or debit card issued by a United States bank.

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